Tuesday, August 3, 2010

780 Days of Service

 I've been home only just a little over a week, and already, that life in Cameroon seems like a very long dream. It's surreal. The reverse culture shock has been interesting, but I am adapting quickly into the American way of life, albeit for a short period before I jet off to London for graduate school.

During my last week in village, I created a photo slide show in an attempt to capture various aspects of my life in Cameroon. 780 days of wonderful memories condensed into a short video. I put photos into chronological order and outfitted with music that remind me of various periods. I haven't watched the video since I made it several weeks ago, and last night, I watched it again for the first time, and couldn't be happier that I had spent the time to create this small piece of memento. Perhaps this means more to my friends who were there with me throughout the events, but for what it's worth this is what life was for me as a Peace Corps Volunteer. I didn't create it to be any sort of promotional material, this is for me to remember that moment in time when I lived in Cameroon.

Cameroun, tu me manque trop déjà !