Friday, June 5, 2009

Classrooms For Cameroon [Grade K-5]

  • Who? Students in grades K-5 all around the USA! Teachers, scout troop leaders, youth groups working with kids in grades K-5.
  • What? Month-long activity for kids to discover Cameroon, Africa, and the Peace Corps. Meanwhile, students will collaborate to create fundraising activities to help kids in Cameroon to have libraries!
  • Where? Elementary school classrooms all around the USA!
  • When? The months of September, 2009
  • How? Each week, teachers and group leaders will spend some time to help students answer the week's topic question. The method of teaching is free for each teacher to decide; however, since Books For Cameroon is a library project, we encourage teachers to incorporate library time into the activities. Below are some suggested links and resources. The fund-raising effort will begin on September 1st. Each Friday, each group will submit their progress to be posted on the Cash For Cameroon honor roll!
Week 1 : Where in the World is Cameroon?!
Students will explore the country of Cameroon and learn about its history, its geography and its people. The objective is to provide students with a basic overview of Cameroon.
CIA The World Factbook - Cameroon
Google Maps - Cameroon
BBC Country Profile - Cameroon
Africa Planet - Cameroon

Week 2: What is life like in Cameroon?
Students will utilize library resources to discover the daily lives of people, specifically youth, in Cameroon.
Cameroon - Student Activity Books & Teacher Lesson Plans
LP - Baka People in Cameroon
Natural History Museum LP - Bamum People
Languages of Cameroon

Week 3: Who else lives in Africa?
Students will unsolved the mystery of the lost continent and research another country within Africa.
Peace Corps LP - United Republic of Tanzania
Peace Corps LP - Republic of Guinea
Peace Corps LP - Togolese Republic
Peace Corps LP - United Repulic of Tanzania
Peace Corps LP - Tanzania
Peace Corps LP - Water in Africa
Peace Corps LP - Togolese Republic
PBS-Africa For Kids
Natural History Museum: Africa - One Continent. Many Worlds. Classroom Ideas

Week 4: Do Peace Corps Volunteers Live in a Hut?

Students will get a glimpse of life in the Peace Corps and see how other Americans are spending two years of their life integrating with another culture in the world.

Visiting volunteer blogs online at Peace Corps Journals
Students are encouraged to write to volunteers. I will create a Peace Corps Q&A section in this blog and post questions from students and respond to them.
Peace Corps Challenges For Students
Peace Corps LP - Volunteer Story ["Oh, Kingdom in the Sky"] - Kingdom of Lesotho
Peace Corps LP - Volunteer Story [Narrative Cartoons] - Africa

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